Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spice for Life - Celery Seed

Celery Seed comes from a plant called "Wild Celery" or "Smallage"  which is grown in India and Europe. It looks quite like our garden variety of celery, except it is very bitter and only the seeds are edible. Most of the celery seeds that are imported into the U.S. are imported from India.

The seeds of Wild Celery or Smallage are bitter when eaten in the raw state. However, when they are cooked they take on a whole new sweet flavor. Even though Celery Seed has been used since the Middle Ages as a spice, you may be surprised to find that it has actually been used as a traditional medicine for many hundreds of years earlier as an anti-inflammatory.

Here is a brief list of medical conditions that many feel Celery Seed is beneficial to treat or prevent:

*Gout Pain(high uric acid in the body)
*Fibromyalgia Pain
*Arthritis, osteo and rheumatoid(pain)
*Menstrual cramps
*Cholesterol(high bad HDL)
*Liver disease
*Vaginal yeast infections and other fungus
*Hypertension ( high blood pressure)
*Mosquito bites

When planning your next meal you can use Celery Seed in  complement to these other ingredients:

*Turmeric                                       *Cinnamon
*Allspice                                         *Fennel Seed
*Sage                                              *Ginger
*Coriander                                      *Black Pepper
*Chile                                             *Cumin
*Caraway                                        *Chicken
*Tomato                                          *Fish
*Eggs                                              *Chutneys
*Soups/Stews                                  *Salad Dressings
*Pickles                                           *Cole Slaw
*Herbal Teas                                    *Potato
*Salads                                             *Fruit
*Tuna                                               *Dairy

When purchasing Celery Seed you may find it beneficial to buy them in the "whole" state. Once the tiny seeds are ground their volatile oils that are good for you begin to dissipate. Whole seeds will keep well for a minimum of approximately two years, but ground celery may be kept for only a few months.

***Disclaimer--This article is in no way intended to cure or manage any disease or condition.

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