Wednesday, January 11, 2012

KINDLE EDITION - Vintage Ice Creams, Heirloom Recipes. Available Now!

     I have finally published my very first Kindle Edition eBook during December 2011. The eBook itself was written 3 1/2 years ago by myself.  I'm so excited  because with Kindle Publishing I now have the opportunity to offer it for sale worldwide in the Kindle Store on Amazon.com.  So far the Amazon Kindle Store sales have been an unexpected surprise.

     "Vintage Ice Creams, Heirloom Recipes"  shares many interesting facts about the history of ice cream. It   gives the reader our coveted family heirloom recipe for homemade ice cream and how to easily make it in your very own kitchen with ingredients that you mostly likely already obtain. There is an additional section which features over 14 different flavor variations of the original  heirloom recipe including Chocolate Chip, Raspberry, Lemon, Peach, Strawberry and more.

    With the new Kindle Fire now available, readers will be able to take advantage of the color photos, etc. Those with the regular Kindle will also be able to enjoy a nice reading experience, but with color features shown in grayscale.  *If you don't have either type of Kindle you can read Kindle eBooks with all of the color features on your Iphone, Droid phone, many other smart phones, Ipad or on your computer.

     I just love Kindle books because they can be downloaded  and read immediately for pennies.  Our family usually gives out a few Amazon gift cards each year just for that purpose. It makes a nice added low cost gift  to the recipient. It also gives our elderly or handicapped family members and friends  an easy way to obtain quality reading material at a low cost without ever leaving their house. 

     Now that I've learned how to format my eBooks for Kindle Publishing I will be looking forward to writing many more eBooks and adding them to the Kindle Book Store collection. I've also just learned that Amazon has a program to download and sell blogs too. I guess one of these days I may try that!

      "Vintage Ice Creams, Heirloom Recipies" is part of the Kindle Owner's Select Lending Program for Amazon Prime members for the next 90 days. That means if you are an Amazon Prime member my book is available for lending free for the next 90 days. If you are not an Amazon Prime member you can still purchase it  for download to read on any Kindle reading device, computer and many smartphones at any time.

       You may learn more about "Vintage Ice Creams, Heirloom Recipes"  by visiting the Amazon Kindle Store Here.  


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