Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Fresh Decorating Ideas

 Photo by Debra Shenkle

The scent of Lavender has begun to aromatically fill the air as its beautiful spikes are  now exploding into blooming radiance. Synominous with Lavender is summer. And with summer just a few weeks, away a lighter and more carefree home decor comes to mind. Transforming those darker winter and spring color tones within our homes can be as simple as just replacing  a darker colored bed comforter into a lighter colored one such as a cream or ecru comforter. You will be amazed at how just lightening the colors in your bedroom will give you a fresh summer lift.

Adding a new eagle-shaped decorative fan with see-through design may add some much needed interest to a family room or to a restful screened in porch area, as well.

Don't forget to spruce up your garden area too. One way to enhance the beauty of your patio area is by adding  flowering plants to your exterior decor.  Another way to add interest to your outside garden space is by adding  garden  angel on knee with trumpet medium statues. Birdhouses and birdbaths also add much interest to your outside spaces.

Sprucing up that deck furniture by adding new bright colored cushions can also add interest and flare to your deck or patio.

Yes, by making a few small inexpensive changes to your interior and exterior decor you  can really brighten up your summer!

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