Thursday, March 1, 2012


The year was 1967, the place was a massive stadium filled with screaming teenage girls. Yes, I was one of them(lol). My best friend and I had anxiously awaited this moment for sometime, thinking it may never come to reality. We dressed up in our mini dresses, fishnet hose and shiney white knee length go-go boots and off we traveled to the big city 40 miles away. We were only 14 years old at the time and I'm still not quite sure how we convinced our very strict parents to let us attend this event without a chaperone.

This is the mini dress that I wore to the concert! Brown with orange polka dots! In fashion then!

 Suddenly, we found ourselves sandwiched in the middle of thousands of screaming girls. The Monkees were performing their greatest hits on stage that awesome night. I'm not sure how we secured those fantastic front center stage seats that we did, but we were in awe as the stage curtain rose to Davey Jones and the other three Monkees singing. No, I do not remember the first song that they sang, but I do remember how utterly cute Davey Jones was.

Every teenage girl in America had a crush on Davey and here I was actually in his presence. I will never forget that awesome night as it is one of my all time best experiences of my life. The concert was out of this world. Police were patrolling the isles on a regular basis yelling at everyone to sit down and remain in their seats. I guess they were afraid of a riot or something as riots had become so common place during that era and they also didn't want anyone getting hurt by falling off of one of those folding chairs that can collapse so easily.

The concert lasted the usual length but it was over all too soon for me and my friend. Her father drove us home where we spent the night at her house listening to Monkees records. She had them all and still does to this day have every record and album that she purchased as a teenager. 

I remember that my younger sister was feeling left out of the whole event, because at age 11 she was just too young to go to the concert  with us.  I was sorry that she missed out on such an awesome night, but later when she was older she was able to attend a Bee Gee's concert where she was able to meet them backstage.

My sister and I tried to never miss the Monkee's Show which aired every Monday night. We had a little TV with a rabbit ear antenna that had to be finely tuned just to get the picture in view. Sometimes we could only see the picture and couldn't get the sound, sometimes we only were able to hear the sound with no picture. There were times when we could get neither in and were very disappointed that we missed the show.

We love you Davey Jones and we will remember you always...............


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