Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Smart Ways to Stay Toasty Warm This Winter

The beautiful autumn season has arrived with it's colorful display of changing leaves and gorgeous sunsets. Warm dry sunny days followed by cool brisk nights remind us of the ever impending cold blustry days of winter just around the corner.

Winter can provide us with breathtaking views of  fluffy snowflakes sparkling  through vivid sunrays as they gently fall from the sky. Yes, winter can be a joyous season for all when we are amply prepared for it. Being prepared for winter warmth is possibly the one of the best ways you can insure that you and your family stay  healthy and happy  during the cold winter months.

5 Smart Ways to Stay Toasty Warm This Winter:

1. Prepare now by checking your furnace to make sure it is in good working order. Many families today are also choosing to supplement their  heating supply by using  a duraflame infrared quartz heater  . These nifty heaters offer an economical way to quickly warm your entire home or just a room depending on the model that you choose.

2. Seal all drafts and insulate your attic area and all outer walls. Caulk around doors and windows and/or cover with insulating clear plastic.

3. Wear warm clothing including lightweight insulating underwear, meringo wool socks and sweaters, down filled clothing, coats, gloves and scarves. Be sure to wear a hat to keep the warmth in your body.  Don't forget your feet.  Keeping your feet warm with adequately warm moisture repelling leather boots is a must! 

4. Have a portable generator lowes generators on hand just in case a power outage occurs. 

5. Using bedding such as a tie dye bedding  comforter  helps keep body warmth under the covers so you stay toasty warm. 

These are just some of the may ways we can prepare for the cold wintry days ahead.  Just taking a few simple steps to prepare for warmth will ensure that our families stay warm, happy and healthy.


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