Wednesday, June 1, 2011


JUNE 1, 2011

Thanks for the interesting comments and suggestions on "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" with the antique canning cabinet.

I had many creative ideas from you dear readers. Most of those ideas were really great and I only wish that I had thought of those myself. =)

Painting it a bright vibrant color such as turquoise or pink and repurposing it into a storage cabinet for games, supplies, pictures, books, etc. seemed to be the most popular idea.

One of you thought the "doors" would look good on her walls in some creative way.

My idea seems rather bland compared to some of yours, but here's what I did with it. Painted it a creamy semi-gloss white(country white), closed the doors, turned it around so the doors were against the wall, then arranged some of my favorite things on the shelves along with my favorite new and vintage books!

This cabinet is very heavy so it took three strong guys to carry it from down in the garage up to my dining room. I would have preferred it rested in my livingroom, however, there was no way it was going through the small opening from the kitchen into the livingroom.

It was a fun project and I may try out some of your suggestions in the future. I think it would look great with bead board enclosing the back(which is now the front), then painting it one of those vibrant colors you all suggested. Then, removing the upper doors, making it into a more hutch type display cabinet on top and using the lower cabinet for storage. I have some really interesting items to display on the shelves.

When I get the time to repurpose the cabinet again, I'll let you know. For now, I have plenty of projects on my list this summer... Deb =)


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Everyone have a GREAT DAY!

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