Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Just an update on the Baby Robin Story from a couple weeks ago.

He has grown by leaps and bounds and is now flying like a pro. He's the bird on the left.  I didn't realize until now that these little baby birds rely heavily on their parents to continue bringing them food for sometime even after they have learned to  fly.

I can hear him every morning and several times throughout the day chattering to his momma for another worm. Yes, he has at least graduated to eating whole worms now, but he is at his mother's tail all day long following her wherever she hops or flys in the yard.

He has a very destinctive chirp when he wants another worm so I always know when he is out in my yard, so I enjoy watching him. I've noticed that he is also learning bird language and calls too.

Here is a short video of him chasing his mom around my yard. It's so cute and really funny.

Apparantly his other two sibling didn't make it from the nest. I think the black birds that were terrorizing them must have killed them, as I did see a couple of them sitting up on the nest one day. The black birds seem to like making life miserable for other birds and even squirrels in the neighborhood.  They chase after other birds  trying to grab their worms and love to chase and dive bomb the squirrels while they are sitting happily on a tree limb.

Maybe this little robin was smarter than I thought and jumped from the nest to get away from the black birds. He seems to be able to squawk loud enough to chase them off.

Anyway, I'm enjoying watching him grow and am glad I was able to help give him a chance to survive!

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