Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What would you do?

I found this old worn out canning cupboard in the basement of  our home a few years ago. Battling my inner self between throwing it in the burn pile or trying to find a way to give it a new and useful life, I decided on the latter.

 My first thought was to give it an antique look then enclose the back. As you can see, I started in that direction.  Didn't like the antique look so decided on a completely different "repurpose" for this old tired out friend.

I would be interested in your ideas  on what repurposing project you would have chosen for the cabinet?

Come back  to read next Wednesday's  blog post to see what I did with it!


On another note:   It's spring... finally! Many of us have been enduring deadly tornado's and storms this spring. Please take a moment to pray for those who were not so fortunate in Joplin, Mo.; Minneapolis, MN: and Oklahoma and Kansas this evening.

Spring brings new life, as well, like this sweet little baby robin that fell  out of it's nest prematurely from the Magnolia tree in my front yard.

He/she decided to perk on my railroad tie  ledge that borders my driveway. After watching this little bird for some time I realized he was pretty smart. He/she could watch it's mother hopping around the neighborhood collecting worms and at this perch he/she could see when momma was bringing food back to the nest above. When she approached the baby would start making alot of noise alerting her to his whereabouts so  that he would  not be missed during feeding time.

He/she inched a little too close to the  edge of the ledge and fell below to my driveway, then started following his mother as she hopped away to resume gathering more worms. Watch feeding time in the video below:

When I came home that night around 10pm I noticed the poor soul shivering on the edge of the driveway, cold and wet from the sprinkle of rain we had a little earlier. We also have a lot of cats in the neighborhood that would have found the little fellow a tasty treat during the night, so I thought I should at least try to give him a chance to make it in the world.

I went in the house found some gloves, picked up one of my treasured bird's nests off my fireplace mantle, went out and picked up the baby birdie, set him or her in the nest, then placed it under the tree in my hosta bed for shelter which was just  below the original nest in the tree. He was happy and slept comfortably through the night.

The next morning at birdie breakfast time he/she weakly hopped out to the ledge again and alerted momma that it was breakfast time. She lovingly fed  her fallen baby all day long. Of course, when daylight ended so did momma and abandoned  the baby to the night. A storm was about to hit town so I repeated the performance from the previous night with the baby bird as I found it shivering in the grass.

This went on for several days and nights, then finally the baby decided he wanted more food than he was getting so it started hopping towards it's momma. Unfortunately, momma bird was on the other side of the street and there was a car approaching as the baby hopped into the middle of the street straight in the path of the car.

I was able to get the  driver of the car to stop for the crossing of the baby bird to the other side of the street. As it was about dark and there were a few cats lurking nearby, I  went over to retrieve the baby bird as the momma bird was about ready to retire for the evening. Well, he/she let me know in so many bird words that he/she wasn't interested in my plan. So I let it be and hoped the cats didn't feed on him that night.

A couple evenings later I noticed the baby bird's momma and pappa skillfully guiding he/she back across the street to my yard. He has grown alot in just two days and looked liked he would soon be ready to take flight. Evidently, the solo flight was make as I haven't seen him today and his siblings are no longer in the nest either.  It was an interesting experience and I kinda miss the little darling!
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