Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Weather Tips for Dogs

With the warm summer weather, keeping our dogs and pets safe is a priority. Remember, dogs and other pets can easily develop heat stroke just like us humans. Keeping them cool and comfortable during hot summer days is vital to their heath. Here are a few tips for keeping your dogs safe during the dog days of summer. :)

1. When your dog is outside please be sure that he/she has a shaded area to seek relief from the sun.

2. If your dog must stay outside during the hot weather providing him/her with a shallow unbreakable pool of water is a welcome relief from the heat and will help keep their body temperature at a healthy level. Also, providing them with a fan will do wonders at providing them with added comfort. However, please use caution with fans. They need to be placed out of reach from the dog so that they have no chance of injuring themselves on the circulating blades or electrical cords.

3. Mist your dog with water to cool him/her down. Remember to wet all areas of the body including the paws and under belly.

4. Walk or play with your dog in the early morning or evening hours when the temperature is cooler. If you are walking them on pavement, check the temperature of the pavement with your own hand. If it is too hot for you, chances are that it is too hot for your dog. Paw pads can easily become burned or scorched on hot surfaces.

5. If possible, provide a cool area inside a cool building or your home for your dog during the heat of the day.

6. Take your dog to a shallow lake or pond for a cool swim. However, use caution when visiting public lakes, rivers and recreational areas, checking that there are no fish hooks, broken glass, etc. laying in the areas where your dog will be playing, swimming or walking.

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