Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Prescription medication costs are higher in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. Why? Because the U.S.  does not have in place any form of  price regulation over the cost of  patiented  prescription medications. A rather shocking scenio when you think of millions of  people unable to even afford prescription medication insurance these days.

Even though I am one of the lucky people who are able to have presciption drug coverage, my insurance carrier still doesn't cover every medication. I take only two medications, one being quite expensive. Last week I popped into my friendly neighborhood pharmacy, a chain that I will not mention here. My prescription needed refilled so my friendly neighborhood pharmacist made a call to my physicians office for approval to refill the medication.

As usual I checked the medication before leaving the pharmacy to be sure it was correct. Surprise! It was a different type and brand than I had been using for the past 10 years. I promptly told the pharmacist that this was the wrong medication. He told me that it was what my physician prescribed, so I requested that he call him back for approval of the same brand and type of medication that I have been using. Why? Because sometimes it's ok to use a Generic medication and sometimes it isn't. In this case I am allergic to the other brands of this type of medication. I went through the process of trying the Generic and other brands over 10 years ago with some very undesirable side effects.

Ok, now my pharmacist was able to get my correct medication approved from my physician, but when I went to pick it up he said, "I don't think you want this, Your insurance carrier will not pay for it."  I told him that I would pay out-of-pocket for it as it wasn't very expensive the last time when I paid full price for it myself.  Then he proceeded to tell me that I probably wouldn't want to pay for it as it was now $95. WOW! I could hardly believe it! I politely told him that I would be back another day for it.

I got in touch with my insurance carrier who told me that my pharmacist never even submitted a claim to them for my prescription and that they would pay for it as usual. Now, I was beginning to get  a little irritated with my pharmacist because for the life of me I can't imagine why he put me through this ordeal.

One thing positive came out of this though. As I was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to come up with the funds to pay $95 out-of-pocket each month for my prescription, I ran across a fantastic website that offers online printable coupons for many brand name presciption medications. I found on their website  a coupon for (one) 100%  free  prescription fill for my medication.  Yes, I printed it off and took in into my pharmacist to fill that $95 prescription for me FREE! Yes, it was 100% FREE to me for that one time fill. This bought me the time that I needed to at least get in touch with my insurance carrier to get their approval to continue paying for the medication.

This website is so fantastic that I wanted to share it with all of you. In addition to providing many printable coupons for FREE or  DISCOUNT prescription medications, they also have a printable prescription drug discount card that you can use at your pharmacy. This is great for anyone that doesn't have prescription medication insurance. It can save you gobs of money and who doesn't want to save money? Right? To learn more about these medication coupons and medication discount card visit: http://medicationcoupons.com

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