Tuesday, December 6, 2011


                          Cocoa Brown Suede Flower Pillow

Yes, I'm going to talk about PILLOWS today!  Decorative Throw Pillows to be specific, can add a lot of decoration and fun to your home whether they are large, medium or a small size. They may feature embroidery, hand painting, stamping, stitching or applique and more.

Pillows have a long history dating back to ancient Asia where they were used by only the wealthiest of men. Highly decorated pillows were a prized commodity in ancient Persia and China and later in Medieval England before the Industrial Revolution made mass reproduction of pillows available to the general masses. Did you know that some ancient Egyptians even slept on pillows made of stone?

Thankfully, pillows of stone are out of vogue and have evolved into the soft and luxurious necessities that they are today. Pillows can be found in an infinite array of colors, designs and fabrics, mass produced and handmade.

I have searched the web for the most attractive accent  throw pillows available for purchase, these being mass produced, of course. Would you be surprised to know that I found only about 15 percent of them even attractive enough to considering for  purchase.

Personally, I prefer the handmade   throw pillows which are much more attractive and suitable for  accenting the home. Handmade accent throw pillows can be compared to art... a mass produced print to  an original oil painting. Of course, the original oil painting has more quality, endurability and attractiveness than a mass produced print picture. It's the same comparision with accent throw pillows, the handmade is generally of higher quality, has much more endurance and is much more attractive to the eye. They also come in One Of A Kind designs and  in designer fabrics that really showcase your home decor and reflect who you are.

After searching the web I discovered that the most attractive and well made accent throw pillows were handmade by etsy.com artisians.  These artisians handcraft their custom accent throw pillows with the finest materials, design and sew them with quality, endurance and attractiveness in mind. These artisians love what they do and are trying to continue to keep the handmade movement alive.

They come from all walks of life, housewives and stay-at-home moms,  grandmothers, granddaughters, grandfathers and sons, professional persons, young, old and in-between. They can be found in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin American, Asia and all over the world. Etsy artisians are made up a huge worldwide family working together to make a difference.

Etsy artisians design and handcraft an infinite array of products at an affordable price for you and your home and even your dog or cat. If it can be made, you will find it in an etsy shop.

Here are a few of my favorite  accent throw pillows that I found in Etsy shops. Keep in mind, however, that this is just an extremely small sample of the accent throw pillows available in Etsy shops. There are hundreds and hundreds to choose from.
Americana Red Star by Unique Cozy Treasures

Joel Dewberry Sparrows Designer Print By beckorama

Horse Pillow By Crocheted By Charlene

Bird in Teal By Pillow Mio

Pine Cone Print Pillows By Unique Cozy Treasures

May Your Holiday Season be Joyous!


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