Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Color Mixing Part 9

Now that we've reviewed the basics of the color wheel and how each color complements another, we will focus on practical everyday use of the color wheel. The items shown below are examples of the use of complementary color application.

Red and Green are opposite of each other on the color wheel so they complement one another. Adding the white really sets off the red and green colors as shown below.

Christmas Pillows Holiday Pillow Shams SUZANI 20 x 20 inches Festive Holiday Pillows 20" Red, Green, White Pillows
By beckorama

Apples Painted Wood Sign  Orchard
By uniquecozytreasures

Vintage Wyandotte Metal Stake Truck 1930"s
By uniquecozytreasures

This handcrafted clutch features the three primary colors: Yellow, Blue and Red.
Yellow Red and Blue Flower Mini Clutch
By MarianRuth

Here is an example of using triadic color harmony. The primary colors are Blue Green, Yellow Orange, and Red Violet. A little white is splashed in for contrast.
Set of Two Crocheted Cotton Pot Holders
By crochetedbycharlene

Next week I will continue the series on color mixing featuring some our talented etsy artisians handcrafted work.

It's a rainy dreary cold day here in Iowa. There is some snow forecast for later this evening. These colorful items that my fellow etsy friends have created will certainly brighten any  day.


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