Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Scouts are Out!

August has been a busy month for the PromoFrenzyTeam! We've been part of a huge team effort to help people find our shops and items on Etsy.com

For many of us that has meant increased exposure and sales! Even though August hasn't been exactly the greatest month of sales that I've had, but it has been an encouraging month. Why?

Well, I've learned at least one thing this month. That even if sales are slow, I need to remember that the SCOUTS ARE OUT. Yes, the scouts are out searching through the thousands  of etsy shops looking for unique items that they need to feature in their magazines, books, etc.

They may be looking for the just the item that you have created or designed. I had really given that little thought until last week when a well known publisher from New York City contacted me though an Etsy  convo asking about my eBook, "Vintage Ice Creams, Heirloom Recipes".

Yes, I about passed out. At first I thought it must be some type of scam as they were asking me to provide a hard copy of my ebook to them for review. However, since I am sceptical to just send a copy  to someone that is asking for it, I decided to make sure that this wasn't a scam. So I asked her to provide a phone number where she could be reached later in the day.

Sure enough she fired back an email with the phone number. I checked the phone number out with the publisher's website and sure enough it was legitimate. I was really excited then, but a bit nervous to talk to a big book publisher. The phone rang into the main switchboard at the publishing house, then listed off the names and extentions of the important company contacts. Sure enough her name was on the list, so I rang into her office. A nice young lady answered and we had a relaxed business conversation about the content of my eBook and what they needed from me.

She said it sounded like what their buyers were looking for, but that she needed a copy to submit to them. I could bypass any of the usual requirements like a querey letter, etc. just sent them a PDF copy right away. Well I can tell you that as soon as I got off the phone the PDF copy of my eBook was on it's way via email to the publisher. :)

I don't know how long it will be before I hear anything back from them but I'm assuming it will be a considerable amount of time. And, even if they don't choose to use any of my eBook, I feel really good that they choose to inquire into it and contact me. I feel more comfortable talking to a publisher now and may start writing something else in the future.

So PromoFrenzyTeam mates......even if your sales aren't what you desire.....remember that "The Scouts are Out" there looking and they may just find you!

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