Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Vintage Ice Creams, Heirloom Recipes" Now Available!

The full color version of my eBook, "Vintage Ice Creams, Heirloom Recipes," has launched and is now available in my etsy shop:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/uniquecozytreasures

It's summertime, time to enjoy fresh homemade ice cream. Making homemade ice cream with fresh ingredients is fun, easy and more healthy than the mass produced ice creams found at the supermarket!
We all want to feed our family only the best, so please stop by my etsy shop to purchase a copy of my eBook. No shipping charges or waiting for shipping-- it arrives within a few minutes by email.

My blog post Weds. June 22 entitled, "Hot Summer Nights"  features my eBook which outlines the valuable information that is presented in it. I'm sure you will find it beneficial to read. You can do so by clicking on the left side of this page under "archives".
Later this week I will be launching my  newest items for sale in my shop,  fabulous homemade cookies. My cookies will available in colorful and charming gift tins ready for giving or sending directly to your loved one with an appropriate card for the occasion. I will also be making my cookies available  without the gift tins for those that want them that way.

I've been making cookies  for 51 years, so I've really got one  this down.... Your mouth will simply water and they are addictive!

I've been looking forward to getting my cookie sales going, so please stop in to look later this week!

Look for them later this week in my shop:


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