Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It's been overwhelmingly hot here in the upper Midwest the past 1 1/2 weeks with no relief in sight. I began painting the exterior of my house  two weeks ago, then came to an abrupt halt after deciding that it was just too hot to paint this week. So I scrapped  that idea and on to the next  project.

I have so many things to get done this summer that I may not have any time to repurpose anything! Just painting the exterior of my house will take most of the summer as I dart the heat, rain and whatever else mother nature throws her way. I was talking to another Promotional Frenzy Team member last evening about the heat, when she commented that she was so cold as it is winter in her hemisphere. Suddenly, the a blast of cold sounded refreshingly wonderful (lol).  Then...it quickly reminded me of all the outside projects that I must get done before the inevidable long lasting cold strikes again.

Since I am not one to waste a lot of time lounging around wasting time, I decided that if I couldn't work outside this week, then I must get something done inside where it is cool and if I must pay for this air -conditioning, I might as well enjoy it. So, I have used the time to work on my cookie(s) project, get cookies baked, take pictures and start listing the fabulous cookies that I will be making available in  my etsy shop,  www.etsy.com/uniquecozytreasures .

Take a look at just one of the delicous cookies that I will be offering in gift tins:

Gourmet Pecan Sandies

These decadent Pecan Sandies will melt in your mouth as your senses are enriched with the taste of creamy lemon frosting that surrounds these temptuous jewels! They will soon be available for purchase in a variety of beautiful cookie tins for gift giving or for giving to yourself!

Here are a just two of the many cookie tins that you will have to choose from:

I really need to get back to the cookie project after, of course, I read all of your blog posts. I am having some problems posting comments on Blogger, so if you don't receive a comment from me that is why. I will still have stumbled, facebooked, and tweeted you.

I'm seriously thinking of going over to Wordpress, as Blogger has been having so many issue lately. I even have a hard time just getting into my blog to post anything. How do you Wordpress users like Wordpress?


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